Sight Aid International

Sight Aid International is a multifaceted charity that has been set up to help raise awareness of vision issues, both locally and internationally. Since its inception in March 2010, Sight Aid International has screened over 10,000 children and adults in some of the poorest areas of Kenya and Malawi and supplied glasses and eye medicines to those who have required them.

Having worked in Nairobi on projects since 2009, in partnership with Kenya Medical Training College, Sight Aid International has seen the direct impact that poor vision can have on some of society’s most vulnerable. Over many years and through multiple eye screening projects, thousands of school children have benefited from a simple eye screening and had their lives improved with the benefit of a pair of prescription glasses.

With a Nairobi based clinic opened full time in November 2013, and a second in Lilongwe, Malawi completed in September 2014 and with current projects in Ethiopia and future plans for Tanzania, Sight Aid International has continued to go from strength to strength.

In June 2015, Nairobi set up its own spectacle manufacturing laboratory, after a lens edging machine was donated by Birmingham Optical. Nairobi now produces the prescription spectacles for all our African projects.